Prof. Isabel Díaz Tang – New member of the Advisory Board

A few days ago we had introduced to you Dr. Saeid Kakooei as an new member of our Advisory Board. Today I have the great pleasure to welcome Prof. Isabel Díaz Tang too.

Here a short CV of her:

  • Studies of Pure Chemistry and Master of Sciences at the ‘Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú’ (PUCP) in Lima, Peru.
  • Specialization in Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention in Germany, within the framework of a intergovernmental (Germany-Peru) program of technical cooperation for the establishment of Corrosion as an area of specialization in Peru. Major area: Electrochemical corrosion.
  • Head of the Corrosion Laboratory (1993-1995), and later Director of the Corrosion and Protection Institute of the PUCP, ICP-PUCP (1995-2006; since 2013). Head of the Electrochemistry Laboratory at the ICP-PUCP (since 2001).
  • National Representative (Peru) in the Ibero-American Network “Durability of Steel Reinforcement” (DURAR), sponsored by CYTED-Program (Spain) (1994-1999).
  • National Representative (Peru) in RILEM (International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures) (1998-2008).
  • National Representative (Peru) in ICC (International Corrosion Council) (since 1997).


  • Associate Professor at the PUCP, Director, and Head of the Electrochemistry Laboratory at the Corrosion and Protection Institute (ICP-PUCP). Lectures: several topics on Corrosion and Electrochemistry. Major research areas: Corrosion of steel in concrete, corrosion of metallic biomaterials, electrochemical corrosion behavior of new materials.
  • Consultancy services, design of tailored training programs, and partnership projects developed with several companies and organizations (corrosion and applied electrochemistry topics).
  • Technical Secretary of the Peruvian Technical Standardization Committee “Batteries and Accumulators”.

If you got any questions about her, just send an email to

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