Instructions for Authors

There is a call for papers for the next issues of JEPT. The articles will be checked by the scientific editorial and therefore they have to fulfil the general demand of scientific papers regarding contents and structure. Papers should describe the actual problem, give proofs of measurements and establish the results by discussion.

Articles have to be written in English language. A structure by short topics is welcome. Avoid the numeration of topics with more than three figures (example: 1.1.1).

Labelling of illustrations and diagrams has to be in English language. The title is to be short and significant. An abstract of the paper, about 3 to 5 sentences, is to be made. Indicate keywords (5 to 10) and provide a word-file. Give hints to illustrations and tables in the text. Illustrations and tables need a short text to go with them. Used literature must have a numerical order with remark to a text. Equations and formulas must also be numerical. Tables can be put directly into the text as word-tables. Using excel tables, provide a separate excel-file, illustrations as separate *.tif or *.jpg files.

Together with the paper provide a short survey of the company/department/institution of the author. After presentation of the paper it will be verified and audited for qualification of publishing in JEPT and then the layout will be handed to the examination board. Changes and corrections of the examination board have to be handled by the authors within two months. Publications will be effected after verifying the changes and corrections needed. There will be no charges for the publication.

Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement

Publication malpractice is unfortunately widespread in the world of scientific literature, in all subject areas and in all jurisdictions, and no journal is immune. Because of this Eugen G. Leuze Publishing House decided to follow the International standards for editors and authors from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) which you can find here:

International standards for editors International standards for editors

International standards for authors International standards for authors

More information about this you will find at or just write a email to Mr. Ralf Schattmaier.


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