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Bruce A. Parkinson obtained his B.S. degree at Iowa State University in 1972 and his Ph. D. from California Institute of Technology in 1977 working in Dr. Fred C. Anson laboratory. He completed his postdoctoral investigations at Bell laboratories, where he worked under the supervision of Adam Heller. He then worked as a staff scientist at the Ames laboratory (1979-1981), a senior scientist at the Solar Energy Research Institute in Golden (1981-1985) and Central Research and Development Department of DuPont Company (1985-1991). He became a professor of Chemistry at Colorado State University in 1991 and he moved to the University of Wyoming in 2008. He is currently J. E. Warren Professor of Energy and Environment and School of Energy Resources (SER) professor of Chemistry.
Address: Department of Chemistry and School of Energy Resources, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming 82071, United States, Email: bparkin1@uwyo.edu

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Prof. B. A. Parkinson

Application of Gold Electrodes for the Study of Nickel Based Homogeneous Catalysts for Hydrogen Oxidation

Scheme 1: Schematic presentation of Ni(PCy2Nt-Bu2)22+

Gold and glassy carbon working electrode materials are compared as suitable substrates for the hydrogen oxidation reaction with Ni(PCy2Nt-Bu2)2(BF4)2 used as a catalyst. Voltammetric responses showing electrocatalytic hydrogen oxidation mediated by the homogeneous electrocatalyst Ni(PCy2Nt-Bu2)2(BF4)2 are identical at glassy carbon and gold electrodes, which shows that gold electrode can be used for hydrogen oxidation reaction.